Video: 10 Things About Interiors

Our latest video looks at Interiors, Woody Allen’s first drama. It surprised his audience, but over the years has been re-evaluated. We’ve re-evaluated it too, in the latest volume of our book series, The Watcher’s Guide (volume 2).

In the book, we’ve completely annotated Interiors, tracking all the locations, music cues, and even the cars.

In the video, we look at 10 things about the film.

  1. Who Allen originally wanted to play Eve.
  2. The influence of Ingmar Bergman.
  3. That amazing house
  4. Two actors have first time roles
  5. The arrival of Sam Waterston into the Woody Allen troupe in the 80s.
  6. The first Allen use of a Red Dress, something he would do a lot.
  7. The (lack of) music.
  8. The original title that Gordon Willis later used.
  9. Two indie artists, Death Cab For Cutie and John Grant, have paid tribute to this film.
  10. And how it did at the Academy Awards.

We’ve also totally revamped our Film Guide for Interiors.

This is our 7th video in the series of eventually 46 (maybe even 47 by the time we get there). So we’ve covered 70 out of 470 things!

Here’s our last one about Annie Hall. Find more on our new videos page.


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