VOTW: Every Fading Gigolo Trailer And Clip, + More Interviews

Fading Gigolo is out this week in New York and Los Angeles. The new film is written and direcetd by it’s star, John Turturro. It co-stars Woody Allen, Vanessa Paradis, Liev Schreiber, Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara. To celebrate the release we are collecting every trailer and clip as our collective videos of the week. As a bonus, we’ve collected a few more video interviews Turturro has done this week.

The trailer

‘Let’s See What You Can Do’

‘He’s Getting Away’

‘I’m Not A Beautiful Man’


International trailer #2

Turturro stopped by the 92Y and spoke with Annette Insdorf. It covers similar ground, but what’s really fascinating is Turturro says he was offered a role in an Allen film that he couldn’t do, and lost out in another role. We wonder what it was!

The New York Times featured the first clip, with Turturro’s commentary.

Huffington Post Live interview.

John Turturro has been working very hard at promoting the film, and let’s hope it pays off!

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