Café Society Wk6: $10m US, $20m Global, Kristen Stewart Interview, Korean Poster And More


Café Society has been out in the US for 6 weeks now, and is winding up it’s US run. It passed the landmark $10 million in that country, and has also surpassed another landmark globally – $20 million.

Café Society has now earned $20,641,886 globally. The US lead ($10.0m), France ($7.1m) and Russia ($1.7m).

In the US, that $10,012,219 was reached by a strong week in only 271 cinemas. It will hold at 216 cinemas this week. It should inch towards $11m.

Interesting to note that initially, Café Society was going to open wide in the US – in more than 2000 theatres. Instead, it reverted to Allen’s usual ‘platform’ release, providing counter programming for blockbusters. Yet, the summer was so choked with blockbusters and sequels, that it didn’t expand anywhere near Irrational Man (925 theatres) or Magic In the Moonlight (965 theatres).

We are waiting to hear from Spain and Brazil in particular. Café Society opened there this week, and those territories traditionally love Allen. Another $1-2 should be added from them next week.

Also next week sees the film released in the UK. It has never been a territory that has loved Allen’s films, but some have worked in the past. Next week is also Argentina, another big Allen territory.

It will hit $30 million mid September, and go onto to $40 million. That’s our prediction.

FilmsCafé Society (2016)Irrational Man (2015)Magic In The Moonlight (2014)Blue Jasmine (2013)To Rome With Love (2012)
Global total$20,641,886$27,391,084$51,029,361$97,505,481 $73,244,881
US Total$10,012,219 $4,030,360$10,539,326$33,405,481$16,685,867
US w/end 7 GTD (#theatres)$10,012,219 (216)$3,716,077 (91)$9,182,507 (530)$25,108,580 (1,069)$14,304,640 (382)
US wk 6 GTD (#theatres)$9,652,219 (271)$3,615,476 (185)$8,551,447 (438)$22,760,886 (1,179)$13,480,417 (492)
US wk 5 GTD (# theatres)$8,911,665 (455)$3,300,141 (425)$7,189,545 (787)$16,466,468 (1,283)$11,909,842 (552)
US wk 4 GTD (# theatres)$7,543,186 (631)$2,678,860 (925)$5,489,325 (964)$10,498,802 (229)$9,687,102 (744)
US wk 3 GTD (# theatres)$3,906,960 (565)$1,367,913(135)$2,830,456 (170)$7,130,581 (119)$6,118,627 (806)
US wk 2 GTD (# theatres)$1,656,960 (50)$637,331 (28)$1,634,218 (65)$3,695,839 (50)$1,759,210 (29)
US wk 1 (# theatres)$502,379 (5)$258,341 (7)$582,336 (17)$986,419 (6)$540,672 (5)


Kristen Stewart has a new interview with the Irish Examiner. It’s a pretty big feature, and of course she talks about the new film. The interview was from Cannes, and she talked about working with Jesse Eisenberg for the third time.

I feel genuinely like I could mess everything up and fall on my face and just be an idiot around him, and it’s still not embarrassing. Therefore I could really play someone who was light and buoyant and fun. My immediate defences are hard, and with him I don’t have them.

Another new poster! This time, Korea.


That wonderful New York Times ad illustration, in a much better version

A new image of Allen and Steve Carell.


Arte.TV has a new video of their Cannes special. It features Allen talking about his love of European cinema.

And Happy Birthday to Blake Lively!

We’ll have another update next week.

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