Woody Allen Discusses Justin Timberlake In 2017 Film

Justin Timberlake arrives for the screening of 'Cafe Society'
Justin Timberlake arrives for the screening of ‘Cafe Society’

Woody Allen is out doing press for his latest film, Café Society. As usual, he’s already onto his next project, a 2017 film with the cast announced and filming due to start in autumn/fall. In a new interview with the Inquirer, he revealed more about that film, and one of the cast members – Justin Timberlake.

Timberlake has been announced along with Jim Belushi, Juno Temple and Kate Winslet. Allen, it seems, was typically decisive and short when it came to casting. Says Allen:

I had seen Justin Timberlake in the Facebook movie (‘The Social Network’) in just a few perfunctory moments while I was on the treadmill. I would be tuning in and be saying, ‘Who is that guy? He seems to be very good.’ So I remember him from the Facebook movie and I don’t know him from the music world. He always seemed like a very interesting actor.

I was doing this film and I thought, who could I get that would be an interesting guy to play a lifeguard in about 1950? I was sitting and talking with my brain trust. Someone said, ‘What about Justin Timberlake?’ They said, ‘Yes, he would be wonderful; he is a wonderful actor.

So, he came in from California. We chatted, and it was two minutes, because there’s really nothing to say.

Allen had also first seen Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network. It is also worth noting that Timberlake attended the red carpet premiere of Café Society in Cannes in May, when discussions could have already started.

That he is playing a lifeguard is interesting. It matches with reports that the film will be set on Coney Island, and the 1950 time period is now confirmed. The whole interview at the Inquirer is fantastic, where Allen talks more about Café Society and the 2016 Amazon Series.

In other 2017 film news, it looks like Amazon might also acquire the film, making it their third Woody Allen project, and not one of them has made it to their video service yet. Allen has always had trouble financing his films, and Amazon might prove to be lifeline for several more.

At the very least, we can expect the 47th film written and directed by Woody Allen to hit in 2017.

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  1. Ultimately, this Amazon deal is good for Woody. In today’s film world you gotta hop in the sack with a media powerhouse. Like any healthy marriage, at the end of the day, both parties need a fulfilling climax. Like the old joke – “was it as good for her as it was for me?” quickly becomes “was it as good for me as it was for her?” Everything seems to going swimmingly for all parties involved. Amazon wouldn’t be where they are today if they didn’t have the re$ource$ to make things happen for Woody and others eager to get their projects made. Amazon gives Woody finance and distribution. As long as Woody’s films get a proper theatrical release upon completion and the ensuing bluray release, it’s a win-win for everyone.

    GO WOODY!!!!

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