Sleeper, Love And Death UK Blu-Rays Released October

Two more Woody Allen classics are coming to Blu-Ray in the UK. Sleeper (1973) and Love And Death (1975) follow on from the recently announced box set by Arrow Academy, who recently picked up the rights. Both titles will be released on 3rd October. We also have the new artwork for both sets.

Sleeper UK blu-ray
Sleeper UK blu-ray

Sleeper was released in 1973 and is the first Woody Allen film to star Diane Keaton. Set in 2173, it was Allen’s attempt at a silent film. Although that never eventuated, it is still one of his most loved comedies. You can pre-order now on Amazon UK.

Love And Death UK blu-ray
Love And Death UK blu-ray

Love And Death was released in 1975 and many consider the link between his early slapstick comedies and the more thoughtful, masterful filmmaking of Annie Hall. Set in Russia during the time of Napoleon, it also stars Diane Keaton. Pre-order now on Amazon UK.

Both titles are part of the Six Films 1971-1978 box set, due 5th September. Standalone releases for Bananas and Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex are also set for 5th September. Details for Interiors to follow (there is no standalone release for Annie Hall). It looks like no special features, as usual.

Arrow Academy has the rights to another 11 of Allen’s films, so we will be reporting on these releases for a while to come!

Check out all the upcoming blu-rays at Amazon.

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