VOTW: Jesse Eisenberg Talks Woody Allen Impersonations And Café Society

Jesse Eisenberg made his presence known at this year’s CinemaCon. Not only did he pick up the conventions Male Star Of the Year Award, he had many films to talk about, from Now You See Me 2 to, of course, Woody Allen’s Café Society.

At a press conference, Eisenberg was asked about working with Allen for the second time (the first was 2012’s To Rome With Love). In particular, if he tries to ape Woody Allen.

Here’s the video, from Showbiz Junkies. It’s our video of the week.

Here’s what he said:

If there’s any effort in that regard it’s to avoid that kind of thing because no one can do it as well and it would seem to be a mistake to not take on the role in its own way.

But, that said, the dialogue is written by him and it has a specific cadence. He’s directing you so in between takes his speech patterns and his mannerisms are kind of the thing that is most present for me. And, I’ve liked him so much since I’m younger so probably there’s those two kind of competing interests that I have and I’m not sure which one will win out because I’ve not seen the movie.

Even Eisenberg’s answer is delivered with shades of Woody Allen. And we are already hearing the comparisons, despite his protests. We will see if he can transcend what Allen has written for him, in the way Owen Wilson or John Cusack could.

Café Society opens in France on 11th May, and the US on 12th August.

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