VOTW: Martin Landau Talks Woody Allen, Crimes And Misdemeanors

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It seems every year, the reputation of Crimes And Misdemeanors grows in stature. It was a landmark film for Allen, a rare step into drama at a time when he was best known for his comedies. Now it seems to be the first and best of Allen’s dark dramas.

Our video of the week is with Martin Landau, who stars as Judah Rosenthal, one of Allen’s most fascinating characters. He talks about working with Allen and helping to craft the character.

Landau has plenty of praise for Allen, both as a director and as an actor – they share a their wonderful scene together at the very end of the film. For his part, Landau was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Here’s that final scene, one of our favourites in all of Allen’s long filmography.


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