Love And Death Blu-Ray Out Now


Love And Death, the 1975 film written and directed by Woody Allen, is out now on Blu-Ray for the first time. The release comes from Twilight Time, the Blu-Ray reissue label that has released a number of Allen films over the last two years.

You can purchase the Blu-Ray now at Screen Archives.

Here’s their synopsis:

Woody Allen takes on the monolith of Russian literature—with a bit of Ingmar Bergman thrown in for good measure—with Love and Death (1975), a deadpan costume epic set against the sweeping backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars. Allen plays Boris, a philosophical coward who becomes an inadvertent war hero and then a potential assassin thanks to the encouragement of his mad(cap) wife, Sonja (the fab Diane Keaton). Shot by the great cinematographer Ghislain Cloquet (Tess, Au Hasard Balthazar).

The Blu-Ray comes with an isolated music and effects track, and the original trailer. They also seemed to have changed the cover with two new images.

All Twilight Time releases are limited to 3000 copies, so get in quick.

Here’s the original ‘Love And Death‘ trailer.

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