VOTW: Woody Allen Plays Clarinet On Dick Cavett Show

In the 60s and 70s, Woody Allen appeared many times on the Dick Cavett Show, usually for a few laughs. In our video of the week, here’s Allen on the same show, but this time playing clarinet.

According to Allen, he has played clarinet every day for decades. He just commenced another season at the Carlyle Hotel, playing every Monday night with the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band. It is his true passion, it seems.

Of course, the whole thing is one big gag, until Allen actually plays a song with a full band. This clip is taken from Allen’s appearance in 1971.

Allen still plays to this day, and as mentioned, you can still catch him perform every Monday at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, up til Christmas.

More info at Jerry Zigmont’s website.


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  1. That’s one thing about Woody that I think is very admirable. He has stayed committed to his passions, writing and playing his clarinet, throughout his entire life. For most people, their interests come and go through the seasons of their life. But Woody has stayed consistent, every day getting just that little bit better at his craft. The upshot to that is that over the last fifty years of his life it has paid off for him in spades. Its a life lesson everyone can gain from. Whether your skill level is highly deficient or highly proficient at whatever your task is you can always work to get better at what you’re trying to do. Let your passion sustain you and drive you and it will ultimately set you free.

    GO WOODY!!!!

  2. Could someone please identify the song in this clip. Funny, after hearing this recently it started me on my dixieland jazz journey as I really enjoyed this song and wanted to hear more but still do not know the name of this song. I haven’t heard it by any other artist but I am still new to the genre so if you could help he out here I’d appreciate it.

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