Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Woody Allen’s 2015 Film

In keeping with his decades old habit of a film a year, there will be a 2015 Film written and directed by Woody Allen. With production finished and Allen back at his regular Monday night jazz residency at the Carlyle, we figured it was time to wrap up everything we know about the upcoming film.

2015 film

What is it about?

Nothing has been officially confirmed, but we know from various comments the tone of the film and some of the characters.

The best we can determine is this is a serious drama with a murder at the centre. Set in a small town college, it stars a philosophy professor at a crisis in his life. In his life is a student and a relationship develops.

Who is in it?

There are two main stars – Joaquín Phoenix and Emma Stone, the latter in her second Allen film in a row.

Two other cast members have been officially announced – Jamie Blackley and Parker Posey. We don’t know the roles, however Blackley appears to be a fellow student.

IMDB lists additional cast of Ethan Phillips, Meredith Hagner, Tamara Hickney, Susan Parfour and Gary Wilmes.

Woody Allen himself is not set to appear onscreen.

Where was it made?

The film was shot in many locations around Rhode Island. The towns of Newport and Providence provided the bulk of the locations. Beavertail National Park and Cranston was also used.

Salve Regina University and Brown University were major locations used, although it looks like it will be the one fictional Braylin College in the film.

With the many locations, we assume the film is actually set in one town and we don’t know if it will be a fictional town in the film.

Who made it?

Woody Allen has, of course, written and directed. Daring Khondji returns as cinematographer. None of the other crew has been confirmed.

Letty Aronson is back as a producer, as will Ronald L Chez.

It seems most likely the film will be distributed by Sony Pictures Classics in the US.

When is it out?

It’s a good bet that the film will be released in July 2015. It will keep with the successful schedule of Allen’s last few films.

It will roll out around the world in the months to follow.

When will we know more?

It is usual for Allen to keep his films under wraps til just weeks before release. There are exceptions – Magic In the Moonlight‘s title, some pics and a synopsis was released in October. The exception is if the film is selected as part of a film festival early next year.

The title will need to be locked in before the year is out, so hopefully we will have a name sooner rather than later.

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