VOTW: Debbie Reynolds and Woody Allen On What’s My Line? in 1964

Sadly following the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher, reports now that Debbie Reynolds has passed away. She had a long career in many films and TV shows, but for film fans she will be forever remembered for Singin’ In The Rain.

Reynolds never worked with Allen (unlike her daughter), but they do share one curious connection and thank you Internet, it’s online. Allen and Reynolds were in the same episode of What’s My Line? on 1st March 1964. So it’s our latest video of the week.

Reynolds was the mystery guest and Allen was a panellist. It’s a bit of light fun. Reynolds is as showy and silly as she is known to be. Allen is funny, sadly not in the sections with Reynolds.

Of course, there’s Singin’ In The Rain. A film that Allen has professed to love, he used in as a plot point in Crimes And Misdemeanors. In that film, his character Cliff watches the film every so often to cheer himself up. The film is just a joy, and Reynolds plays a big part of that.

Another legend gone, and from the same family. She left a wonderful legacy and our thoughts continue to be with her family. Read about her life at The New York Times and The Guardian.

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  1. Is it just me, or in the above clip from Whats My Line, is Woody channeling Wyatt Earp or even possibly Wyatt Burp? From the tie it sure looks like he’s working the old school wild west swashbuckler motif. The Man is just the ultimate alpha male. When Woody puts on his tux and turns on his debonair demeanor, he makes Carrie Grant look like a rookie!!!!

    GO WOODY!!!

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