Woody Allen 2015 Film Adds Parker Posey, Shooting In Portsmouth, Day 1 Wrap

Woody Allen is currently into the second day of production of his 2015 film. And the big news from day one is that actress Parker Posey is in the new film, which is Allen’s 46th as writer/director. We also have some more insights into the future filming schedule and a wrap of day one.

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Posey was spotted at the Fastnet Pub, the first filming location yesterday. Associated Press has mentioned her as has one tweet appearently by an extra. We’re going to take this as a confirmation.

Posey is a wonderful actress, we are a big fan. She is hilarious in dozens of films we love, from Richard Linklater‘s ‘Dazed And Confused‘, Greg Mottola‘s ‘The Daytrippers‘, Nora Ephron‘s ‘You’ve Got Mail‘ to Christopher Guest‘s ‘A Mighty Wind‘.

Of course, no details on her role at this time.

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As for day two, Allen and Emma Stone has been spotted in Glen Park, Portsmouth. No sign of Joaquin Phoenix yet today. In the pic above, Emma is in the green shorts. (Thanks Locals Only)

Steven Feinberg, the executive director of the Rhode Island Film & TV Office has also confirmed Portsmouth as location on East Bay RI, but little else.

They’re very secretive about where they’re going to be filming because there are intrusions that happen. But the reality is yes, without going to into details, they’re going to be in Portsmouth today.

We’re in Newport quite a bit, we’re in Portsmouth for a little bit today and we’re in Providence for quite a bit, but then we move to another area.

On Portsmouth in particular.

We’ll be out of there by the end of today.

On anymore details

This company in particular is very secretive. Especially with this production, I’ve been asked to keep things close to my vest.

They are being secretive indeed. Feinberg talks a little about the first day of shooting at East Bay RI. Curious as to what the ‘another area’ could be. Underwater, ‘Avatar II‘ style perhaps?


Finally, The Newport Buzz has the best Day 1 wrap up. But to keep it on record here, the two main locations were the Fastnet Pub and the Jane Pickens Theatre in Washington Square, Newport. Most of it was Phoenix and Stone, walking and talking.

We hope to have a lot more news for you shortly. In the meantime, what do you think of the Parker Posey casting?

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