VOTW: Gordon Willis Tributes And Remembrances

Earlier this week, Gordon Willis passed away. Willis was a legend in the field of cinematography, with part that legend resting on his work with Woody Allen. Many have paid tribute to Willis this week, which will make up our video(s) of the week.

Willis worked the camera for eight films for Allen – all of them classics:

Annie Hall
Stardust Memories
A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy
Broadway Danny Rose
The Purple Rose Of Cairo

The New York Times paid tribute with a great overview, with great emphasis on his work with Allen.

His work is explored in a lovely new montage.

It covers many great films from ‘The Godfather‘, ‘All the President’s Men‘ to lighter fare such as ‘The Money Pit‘. As you can see, they contain plenty of iconic shots.

There are plenty of other great tributes for Willis.

Here’s a remembrance from NPR’s Fresh Air. It features an interview with Willis in 2002. He discusses, amongst many other things, the decision to shoot ‘Manhattan‘ in black and white.

Untapped Cities went back to ‘Manhattan’ to illustrate some of Willis’ best work.

Film School Rejects found 7 classic scenes.

BFI paid tribute with 12 images from his career.

One Perfect Shot on Twitter paid tribute to several of Willis’ great scenes. Here’s the Allen ones, but you should follow this great twitter account for more.

and finally…

Do you have a favourite Gordon Willis shot?

Willis passed away on Sunday from cancer. He was 82.


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