Magic In The Moonlight Trailer – The New Woody Allen Film

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It is here! The trailer to Magic In the Moonlight, the 2014 film written and directed by Woody Allen. It’s a romantic comedy set in the south of France in the 1920s. It stars Colin Firth as a detective on a mission to expose fake mystic Emma Stone, and her accomplice and mother Marcia Gay Harden. Yahoo has the exclusive. Check it out below!

Or YouTube version

We find out a hell of a lot we didn’t know before. Stone plays Sophie. Firth is the detective Stanley. Simon McBurney seems to be the one hiring Firth. Hamish Linklater seems to be the target of the swindle. We get glimpses of Eileen Atkins and Jacki Weaver as well.

Mostly we see Firth, Stone and quite a lot of pretty buildings and French countryside. And a quite a few good jokes.

We are excited to say the least. We will dissect the trailer fully soon.

Magic In the Moonlight‘ is released on 25th July 2014 in the US. Find full international dates here.

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  1. WOWEEEEEEEEEEE! Looks Fantastic, A♥M♥A♥ ZING! What a treat is in store for us! Please tell us the UK premiere date and if we can get tickets?

  2. He says “Considering you are Wei-Leng Su, that’s pretty damn impressive.” Don’t know if I got the name spelled correctly or not. I guess that’s the Firth character’s stage name.

  3. Just re-watched and I see that it’s not Firth who’s speaking and that it is, indeed, a reference to his stage character’s name. Thanks, C.K.!

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