Magic In the Moonlight International Dates Round-Up, Pic Update


Magic In the Moonlight is the new comedy written and directed by Woody Allen. It will star Colin Firth, Emma Stone, Marcia Gay Harden and others. We know the US release date, but we now have a number of internationl dates coming through. We also have an updated, high quality version of an image we’ve seen before.

Here’s the dates we know. We will update this post with new dates as we get them.

25th July 2014 -US limited release. It will open in New York and Los Angeles only for two weeks, expanding further out on 8th August and continue expanding til the end of August.

We can speculate Canada will release either 1st August or 8th August.

15 August 2014 – Poland

21 August 2014 – Netherlands (according to IMDB)
22 August 2014 – Sweden (according to IMDB)

28 August 2014 – Australia
28 August 2014 – Brazil

4 September 2014 – Portugal

19 September 2014 – UK

16 October 2014 – Chile

22nd October 2014 – France has updated the release date from the previously reported 15th October. This has been confirmed by the local distributor, Mars Distribution.

14th November 2014 – South Africa

4th December 2014 – Italy

5th December 2014 – Spain

This seems to be very much in line with how Allen’s films have been released in recent years, and it’s been very successful for Allen.

We also have an updated image of Firth and Stone that first appeared at Entertainment Weekly in print, that leads this article. We wait patiently for more details – images, details, posters, videos and much more!

Most importantly, will Colin Firth do some crazy Woody Allen impression? So much to know…


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  1. You haven’t said when the UK release date is??? Why is everyone else before us? Oh, and please tell us when the premieres in the US are? Thanks!

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