VOTW: John Turturro Talks Fading Gigolo, Woody Allen

Our video of the week is a nice interview with John Turturro talking about his new film Fading Gigolo. The film co-stars Woody Allen.

The video features Turturro talking far more in depth into the themes of the film. He also talked about working with Allen on his script, and his “merciless feedback”. Most interesting is Turturro saying that his relationship with Allen is similar to what is on screen.

There’s also some insight into Turturro’s process, the use of film, the use of flower imagery and more.

Turturro’s best known as an actor. To hear him talk about being in the writer and the director’s chair is fascinating. He’s definitely got the know how. ‘Fading Gigolo‘ is the fourth film Turturro has directed – we particularly loved his second, ‘Romance And Cigarettes‘.

Fading Gigolo‘ is out in limited release in the US on 18th April 2014.

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