New Argentinian Gallery Tribute To Woody Allen


Buenos Aires is hosting a new gallery exhibition called ‘Queremos tanto a Woody’, or ‘We Love Woody’. All the pieces have been inspired by Allen’s work.

South America is a big market for Allen’s films. The gallery is at the Centro Cultural Borges.

In referencing recent tabloid controversy, artist Hugo Echarri said:

These accusations haven’t been proven, but his life’s work has been proven. It will remain and will forever be admired.

The gallery seems to draw on many aspects of Allen’s career, from an altered image of Annie Hall to Allen playing his beloved clarinet. Here are a couple of videos that show what the exhibition looks like. There’s also a video at the New York Daily News.

The exhibition will be open until 9th March 2014. Find out more at Centro Cultural Borges’ website.


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  1. To me, whats always revealing about these type of stories – stories about Woody’s recent box office successes, and artists in different parts of the world who paint pictures of Woody and create sculptures of Woody – whats interesting to me is that these stories reveal how far Woody’s reach really is. If you go back to his teenage roots writing jokes for newspapers, the guy has been at the game for over sixty years. Over the years he’s become a global icon. Like Elvis and James Brown before him, Woody really is a suave multigenerational cross-cultural artist super stud.

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