Second US Trailer And Release Date For ‘Fading Gigolo’ Featuring John Turturro And Woody Allen

Fading Gigolo is the new comedy from John Turturro, who also wrote, directed and stars in the film, and also co-stars Woody Allen. A new trailer has been released for the film, as well as a confirmed US release date.

Yahoo had the exclusive for the trailer, below:

The trailer has some new footage, with lots more of Liev Schreiber and Vanessa Paradis, as well as new footage of Sharon Stone and Sofia Vegrara. It also has new graphics and titles.

Although no date is listed on the trailer, websites are reporting a US release date of 18th April 2014. This matches the April release dates for France and Canada. That also gives it a good three months before ‘Magic In the Moonlight‘ is released. Of course, ‘Fading Gigolo‘ already played at the Toronto International Film Festival last year.

With only a few months (weeks really) to go, we expect a lot more images and clips to come.

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