VOTW: Woody Allen And His Jazz Band Perform Aunt Hagar Blues, Jokes Around

We don’t usually post Woody Allen’s Jazz endeavours in our videos of the week, mainly because he does it every single week! His Monday night residency with the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band at the Carlyle in New York City continues as strong as ever. But just before Christmas, Allen and the band visited California for two very special shows.

This video is from the show on the 22nd December 2013 at Mill Valley in the bay are of San Francisco. It tops of a great year of Allen’s relationship with that city.

Most importantly though, this video opens with a joke. Seeing Woody Allen on stage, doing lines – it makes us excited about the comments Allen made earlier this year about returning to stand up. His unique timing that was so well formed in his early 20s is still with him into his late 70s.

The song the band performs is ‘Aunt Hagar’s Blues‘, a 1920s jazz standard.

Woody Allen and the Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band will return to their NY residency in January through to June.

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  1. Great clip. Thank you.
    I met Woody and his jazz band in Los Angeles at the Jazz Bakery in 2001. I told Eddy Davis I thought my hometown, Kansas City, would be a great place for the this jazz band to play. Eddy told me, “Well, we don’t really make suggestions to Woody.”

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