VOTW: 40th Anniversary Of Sleeper

On 17th December 1973, Sleeper was released into cinemas. The fourth film written, directed and starring Woody Allen, it is one of the great films in Allen’s early, funny period. 40 years on, the film is still loved, and currently holds in incredible 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Our video of the week this year is the very funny trailer for ‘Sleeper‘. It features a little bit of new footage of Allen in the editing room, and he talks about the film.

As is Allen’s way, he doesn’t look back, which is a shame. There should be a lavish 40th anniversary DVD box set with hours of supplements, with a big launch party at the Sleeper house.

Maybe we can get there by the 50th. In the meantime, Happy Birthday to ‘Sleeper‘!

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