Blue Jasmine Wk8: $27 million, Instructions Not Included


Blue Jasmine has finished it’s eighth week of release. It continues to track well, pushing past the $27 million mark, remaining the top indie film of 2013 so far.

Blue Jasmine‘ has now grossed $27,885,000 in the US. It made another $1,798,000 last weekend in 993 theatres, a 23.4% drop. It is a strong showing but it’s slowing down from its peak. With all the good word of mouth, it should carry through to just over $30 million. It looks like it will find its place at 5th in all of Allen’s films, falling short of the $38m that is Annie Hall and well below the $57m of Midnight In Paris.

That said, any form of awards might keep the film in cinemas longer. So 4th or 3rd is not out of the question.

It remains the number 1 independent film in the US. However, a new competitor in Spanish language comedy ‘Instructions Not Included‘ is chasing up fast. Only on it’s 3rd week, it has grossed $26.581,000 and could take over ‘Blue Jasmine‘ in the next week, if it can hold on to decent theatre numbers.

In ex-US markets, Blue Jasmine has earned $5,882,975. This brings its overall total to $33,767,975.

No major markets will release ‘Blue Jasmine‘ this week, although next week will see Brazil, France and the UK, making it a very strong release week.

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  1. Intructions not included the movie by ugenious the best AKA eugenio derbez. Excellent movie for the whole family. Please see it you will enjoy it… this movie

  2. I watched Instructions Not Included with my kids and yesterday we watched it again but this time I took my mom too. She loved it!
    You Genious the best!

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