Woody Allen’s 2015 Film To Shoot In Rhode Island In July

Woody Allen

Woody Allen has mentioned a couple of times that his 2015 film would be filmed in a US city. Thanks to a casting notice, we now know that Woody Allen’s 2015 film will be shooting in Rhode Island this coming July. The Boston Globe reported o the story first.

According to the Globe

This week, Boston-based C.P. Casting is holding auditions for actors interested in a role in Allen’s next film, which is due to start shooting in Rhode Island in July. Not much is known about the plot, or who’s in the cast, but the movie is described as a “contemporary story” with academics, graduate students, and middle- and working-class folks. Auditions are by appointment.

July fits in with Allen’s current schedule. He usually shoots well into August, and perhaps might make use of other cities in the area such as Boston. The biggest revelation is the ‘contemporary story’ bit, with Allen returning to current times after playing around in the 1920s again.

We also know that Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone will star in the film (Stone’s second in a row after the upcoming Magic In the Moonlight). We look forward to heaps of photos of public filming.

Allen’s never shot on Rhode Island before, or Boston for that matter. We can’t think of any links between Allen and that part of the world. Anyone got anything?

With filming starting next month, we are sure to hear more about the casting and the 2015 film in the coming weeks.

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    1. Yeah…with Michelle Williams. Poor guy…there’s a post series in what could have been when it comes to Allen’s casting choices.

  1. Just a guess, but the film could be shot in rural Rhode Island. Rhode Island has a scenic bucolic look and feel. At least to me it does. Its like a more affordable blue collar Connecticut. Its a great state.

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