Jim Belushi Talks WONDER WHEEL, Kate Winslet, Woody Allen

We are a couple of weeks away from the premiere of Wonder Wheel, the new film, written and directed by Woody Allen. We still have very little information (and no trailer), but one of the film’s leads, Jim Belushi, discussed the film in a new interview with Las Vegas Magazine.

Here’s what he had to say:

What was your experience making Wonder Wheel with Woody Allen?

Oh man … Woody is as gentle and wonderful a director as I’ve ever worked with. He totally understands the actor and what you need and creates a feeling and environment that allows you to go full-out and risk 100 percent. Anyone who sees this movie and my performance will say, “I’ve never seen him do this, and I didn’t know he could.” It was heavy duty, but I’ve never been more prepared in my career.

Talk about heavy duty: Your co-star is Kate Winslet.

It was a little intimidating walking onto that set with Woody and Kate because in my mind they have invisible statues on their shoulders. You’ll be blown away when you see it. Kate is going to win the Academy Award. I was standing to the side watching this scene where she’s talking to her daughter, and I’m watching this monologue thinking to myself, “This is the moment. I’m watching an Academy Award-winning performance.” She’s so brilliant.

Belushi has made a recent critical revival, appearing in Twin Peaks and the wonderful HBO series Show Me A Hero. There has been some awards chatter about his performance as well. Vanity Fair being amongst them.

Wonder Wheel premieres next month at the 55th New York Film Festival on 14th October.

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