Mayor Of Rio De Janeiro Wants Woody Allen Film


The last decade of Woody Allen’s career has been marked by his international locations. Famously, he is following the money, with European backers more willing to invest in Allen than Americans. Now, the Mayor of Rio De Janeiro has publicly said he is willing to pay for Allen to come make a film in his city.

Mayor Eduardo Paes said to O Globo (thanks to Sky News).

I’ll pay 100 per cent of the production

I’ll pay whatever it takes to get him to come film here.

I so want him to come. I’ve already done all kinds of things. I talked to his sister, I sent him a message through (Spanish architect Santiago) Calatrava, who is his neighbour in New York.

It is not the first time that Brazil has courted Allen. We know they want him, and there have been discussions. Paes has certainly put in the effort, but we haven’t heard its progressed further than that.

Rio De Janeiro joins a long list of cities that want Allen to film there. Stockholm have an offer on the table, Spanish distributors want another film, Israel tried to raise funds and Toronto has also mentioned interest. Allen has also said he has script ideas for LA.

As Allen wraps up his 2014 film, he will no doubt start thinking of what to do for 2015, and where to set it. It really could be anywhere.

(The image is just a publicity shot that was sent out with Blue Jasmine)

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