Blue Jasmine Week 2 Box Office And Critics Update


Blue Jasmine just wrapped up its second weekend of release. It’s been another good week at the box office and with the critics, giving Allen one of his best US releases.

Rolling out to 50 theatres, ‘Blue Jasmine‘ grossed another $2 million since opening weekend, and is so far tracking as a career best for Allen.

The current total gross for ‘Blue Jasmine‘ is $3,008,493. It’s weekend two per-theatre average was an impressive $40,411 (ahead of Midnight In Paris‘ second weekend average of $33,268).

Amazingly, that means ‘Blue Jasmine‘ already earned more than two of Allen’s films, even taking into account inflation – Cassandra’s Dream and September.

Allen’s box office average is $13,348,159. Blue Jasmine is well on track to surpass this.

Also on the weekend, the film opened in Canada. We expect a decent bump in worldwide gross because of that. It rolls out into many major markets in the next two months.

On the critical front, ‘Blue Jasmine‘ continues to rate high.

Metacritic gives the film a score of 77 – from 32 critics. It has an 8.6 User Score. Allen’s average is 62.

Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 87% from 89 reviews and a user score of 82%. Allen’s average is 75%.

IMDB gives the film a score of 7.9.

This a stunning start for Allen in the US, where in the last couple of years has seen him connecting with audiences and now critics.

Will it beat ‘Midnight In Paris‘? That film enjoyed a long run in theatres and if ‘Blue Jasmine‘ can hang on there it’s in with a chance.

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