Blue Jasmine Cast Interviews: Press Conference, Cate Blanchett, Andrew Dice Clay, Louis CK


Blue Jasmine hits limited release this Friday in New York and L.A.. The cast gathered in New York this week to attend the premiere at MOMA. Some of the cast also attended a press conference, and also spoke to many of the TV shows and more. Here’s a round up of appearances.

The press conference was held just hours before the premiere at the Waldorf Astoria. In attendance were Cate Blanchett, Louis CK, Andrew Dice Clay and Peter Sarsgaard. It was moderated by Scott Foundas of Variety.

(Pics from Hollywood Elsewhere)

Blanchett on her casting

I got a call from my agent saying that Woody had a script he’d like me to read, so he and I spoke for three and a half minutes and then he sent it over and I read it straightaway and found it brilliant because he’s a brilliant dramatist. Then we spoke for another 45 seconds and agreed to do the film together. And then I saw him at the camera test in San Francisco!

CK on meeting Allen

I got a call saying Woody wanted to meet me, so I went to his office. I just wanted to meet him — I had very low expectations. I thought, “I’ll get to meet Woody. He won’t pick me [for the movie] and I’ll get to meet him before he dies.” [Laughs] So I went to his office and it’s this very nice little office and he’s got pictures of himself with Muhammad Ali and all these people through the ages. I’m looking at that wall waiting to meet him and his hat was sitting on a table upside down. And I’m like, “I’m looking at Woody’s hat that he wears to work. Even if they tell me he’s too busy and I never meet him, this was worth it.”

Sarsgaard on romancing Blanchett

This woman seemed like she had so much going on. I was seeing someone who seemed like they were really on the edge, yet I was playing someone who was interested in her for reasons that are not totally deep. So in some ways the lack of information [from Woody] made me play the character in a certain way. I had to play someone who was not interested in reality, because the reality was this woman looked like she needed medical help some of the time! So I ended up playing your character in a kind of reverse order.

Dice Clay on class and Jasmine

Well, I didn’t like Cate’s character too much because I hate the rich. I hate them on film and I hate them in reality. For a long time I lived in Beverly Hills, and I’m from Brooklyn, so when you talk to people with old money, it’s like you’re an insect to them. So the way she plays her character was so perfect, I just hated her. She’s great—I actually couldn’t believe I was working with any of them—but I mean, she played it just perfect because I had a neighbor just like her from Beverly Hills. And I had such hatred for this woman that when I had to do some dialogue to Cate, that’s all I could think about. But that’s how those people are. What they were called “new money,” they have no respect for those people that come from blue-collar that work their ass off.

Flavorwire, Television Without Pity and Black Book Mag has plenty more.

Here’s some clips from the cast’s various appearances. Clips only though at this point. Streaming services, TV catch up and or various less legal ways to catch up on all of these.

Cate Blanchett on Letterman. She appeared on Monday night’s episode. The full interview was kind of awful – by the end of it Letterman couldn’t even remember why she was there. They did show a new clip – of Jasmine looking after Ginger’s kids.

Cate Blanchett on ABC News

Andrew Dice Clay appeared on Howard Stern. The full show had more Woody, but here’s a clip.

Louis CK on the Daily Show. Full interview was quite fun. They showed a clip we’ve seen before but he is just a really funny guy.

Can’t embed but see an article about it at the Huffington Post.

Alec Baldwin on Howard Stern

Cate Blanchett on the View (seems like US only)

There will be more TV this week for the cast, including

Louis CK on Jimmy Fallon

Andrew Dice Clay on Tavis Smiley

Blanchett on Leno
Sarsgaard on Conan

Blanchett is also speaking to Charlie Rose.

We will post all the video and anything else as soon we get it.

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