Blue Jasmine Update: Bernie Madoff, Names, Second Poster, Running Time

It’s been an unusually quiet week in Blue Jasmine news, Woody Allen’s 2013 film that is released in just 8 weeks. We do have some plot revelations, a teaser poster, the names of more characters and the running time.

Wall Street Journal has noted the parallel between ‘Blue Jasmine‘ and the Bernie Madoff scandal.

Speakeasy took in a screening of the coming film last night, which tells the fictional tale of a high-society wife (played by Cate Blanchett, who will likely generate early Oscar buzz) and her husband (Alec Baldwin, in a performance that is sure to be talked about). The Baldwin character goes to jail for some crooked financial dealings, leaving Blanchett’s character to deal with the economic and emotional aftermath.

Allen’s film focuses on the plight of the crooked businessman’s wife, as she struggles to build a life without her husband’s illegally-obtained wealth, and deals with the rage of the investors who trusted him.

When the film was announced, it was pegged as a film about the US financial crisis. These reports faded to the background, but it looks like it’s true. It also confirms photos taken of filming, featuring Alec Baldwin being arrested. It is also the first (of hopefully many) positive reviews of his performance.

Rope Of Silicon also has confirmed the names of some more characters, including Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin – Hal
Cate Blanchett – Jasmine
Bobby Cannavale – Chili
Max Casella – Eddie
Andrew Dice Clay – Augie
Sally Hawkins – Ginger
Peter Sarsgaard – Dwight

So we are still missing Louis CK and Michael Stuhlbarg.

We also came across a better image of the Blue Jasmine teaser poster that ran in the NY Times two weeks back. Did it run again?


Finally, French distributor Mars Distribution has listen ‘Blue Jasmine‘, revealing the running time to be 1 hour 38 minutes. Very modest in modern terms, and pretty average for an Allen film.

With 8 weeks to go, we still await a trailer…maybe next week?

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