Video: 10 Things About Stardust Memories – Trivia, Locations, Cameos And More

The latest in our video series – Woody Allen’s divisive Stardust Memories from 1980. Critics hated it at the time, but over the years it has come to be considered amongst Allen’s best.

We’ve revisited the film for our book, and made a video highlighting some of our favourite bits of trivia, including:

1. How it nods to 8 1/2
2. Is it all a dream?
3. Judith Crist’s film weekends
4. The real Stardust Hotel
5. Sharon Stone’s cameo
6. The Star Trek connection
7. The Playboy connection
8. The photos on the walls
9. Louis Armstrong’s killer version of Stardust
10. And the gag that stuck (and Allen hates)

We’re having a lot of fun making these videos. This is our 9th, our last was Manhattan. Check out all our videos here.

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If you want to find out more about Stardust Memories, check out our Watcher’s Guide Volume 2.

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