New Miley Cyrus Images From Crisis In Six Scenes + Release Details

We are counting down to the premiere of Crisis In Six Scenes, the first series written and directed by Woody Allen, distributed exclusively by Amazon. We have some new images of star Miley Cyrus, Woody Allen and a slightly new logo. We also have some more details on how the series is released.

The best new image is one of Allen and Cyrus together.


We’ve seen a couple before, but they are coming from the official twitter account, so they must be approved.

There’s also images of the house in a slightly mysterious scene.

And a slightly psychedelic version of the logo, in his traditional Windsor font.

There’s a couple of more details doing the rounds on twitter, neither have been confirmed. So don’t take this seriously yet. But people are saying that Cyrus’ character name is Lucy, and that instead of all episodes being released at once, they will premiere every Friday. I stress, both unconfirmed.

UPDATE: Lucy is now confirmed.

We will find out more very soon. The series premieres in just three weeks! We are bound to hear a lot more by then. Look for Crisis In Six Scenes on 30th September 2016.

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