Rumours of Woody Allen’s 2014 Film To Be Set In Greece

Penelope Cruz and Woody Allen
Penelope Cruz and Woody Allen

There’s been a report that Woody Allen’s next film after Blue Jasmine will be set in Greece. The film, if rumours are true, will be released in 2014, keeping with the Allen tradition of a film a year.

The report comes from Greek Hollywood Reporter, taking it from other sources. They claim casting includes Brad Pitt and Penelope Cruz (Vicky Cristina Barcelona, To Rome With Love), and the film is ‘inspired’ by the bankruptcy and humanitarian crisis.

Allen is directing but the script is by Paul Auster, making it the first time Allen has directing a script that is not his own. And 11 person team of scouts are already in Athens, and the film will be called ‘Athens By Night‘. Much more a Greek Hollywood Reporter.

We have to say that we find this all very unlikely, on a number of counts. Not least of all is that this is far removed from how Allen has worked in the past. Scripts are secrets, and perhaps Auster’s involvement changes that. But to have the title, cast and plot of a Woody Allen film so far in advanced is highly unlikely. The story itself sounds like it’s made up to our ears. And we doubt that Greece can offer the kind of money Allen is used to in the current climate.

But who knows? In a statement last year, it seems that the locations for the next several Allen films have been set. And the title could well just be a placeholder. We still think it’s highly unlikely, but we will keep an eye on it to see if it goes anywhere.

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  1. April fools joke.. posted in Greek blogs at April 1st.. still no one searched it.. so they keep posting it as true.. stupid people..

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