Blue Jasmine Update: UK Release Date, Australian Distributor, Cannes


Blue Jasmine, the 2013 film from writer and director Woody Allen, is set for a 26th July release in the US, and slowly we are finding out more about the international roll out. We now have a UK release date, and some further news on Allen’s regular appearances at Cannes.

The UK release date (according to is 20th September 2013. It is common for the UK to release Allen films in the later half of the year, avoiding the UK summer when filmgoing audience numbers are down. At the moment, the only other film to open in the UK on that date is Neil Blomkamp‘s ‘Elysium‘. As far as we know, all other international dates remain the same.

The Australian release date remains unknown, but Hopscotch Films has confirmed that they will be handling the release in that market. It is their third film with Allen, following Midnight In Paris and To Rome With Love.

Finally, The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that Woody Allen will definitely not be making his (almost) yearly pilgrimage to the Cannes Film Festival. In recent years, Allen’s film funding has come from European sources, making Cannes almost a certainty. It seems that ‘Blue Jasmine‘ is going to be different. However, it doesn’t rule out early film festival releases elsewhere – it is definitely the season.

Check out our extensive coverage of Blue Jasmine so far, and stay tuned to us for more updates. We hope to bring you full international coverage throughout the release of ‘Blue Jasmine‘.

(Thanks to our anonymous commenter for the tip)

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  1. Hi, i meant to add in my previous comment that the Hollywood Reporter does not seem reliable, and i’m not the only one to think that. First they mention To Rome With Love playing out of competition at last years’ festival, which never happened. Then they suggest that Allen will not go to Cannes this year as To Rome… was not screened competitively, when we know that Allen does not believe in films competing with one another. They also fail to mention the reason Almodovar bypassing the festival; his film was released in Spain in early March and in France last week. Its not the fist time they have made factual errors either. In another piece about the festival they said the last Indiana Jones film opened the festival in 2008, which it never did! So i think there is still some hope left for Allen appearing at the festival.

    1. I agree that it’s full of holes, but reading between the lines, I think someone might have had a glimpse at the schedule so far, and wrote about the big missing names.

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