VOTW: RIP Roger Ebert + Review Videos of Allen films


We have just heard the sad news on the passing of Roger Ebert. What can we say but add to the chorus of people paying tribute to a giant of film, and film criticism. There are plenty of great obituaries for those who want to relive the full scope of his life – we like the ones at the LA Times and the New York Times (with a particularly excellent picture).

So we hobbled together a very different video of the week – it’s actually many videos of the week. We did a quick search on YouTube for every Siskel & Ebert review we could find. Many seemed to be ripped from old vhs copies and adds to the charm.

Here’s what we have:

Annie Hall

Broadway Danny Rose

Purple Rose Of Cairo

Hannah And Her Sisters

Crimes And Misdemeanors

Husbands And Wives

If you find anymore, please link to video in the comments or drop us a line.

RIP Roger Ebert. We hope you are settling to something good in that great big cinema in the sky.

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