VOTW: A Retrospective of Woody Allen Surrogates

Allen’s appeared less and less in his films over the years, but famously casts other actors into the roles he would have played. Some are great, some are not, but many fine actors have taken on the role of the Woody allen ‘surrogate’. This week’s video pays tribute to them.

The film, produced by Filmdrunk.com, also highlights some of the clichés used by Allen’s surrogates – stammering, intellectual professions, highbrow references and bon mot.

The full list of the actors and films featured:
John CusackBullets Over Broadway
Kenneth BrannaghCelebrity
Jason BiggsAnything Else
Will FerrellMelinda And Melinda
Rebecca HallVicky Cristina Barcelona
Larry DavidWhatever Works
Owen WilsonMidnight In Paris

It’s very interesting to see Rebecca Hall on the list. And we have thought that perhaps Mary Beth Hurt was a surrogate in Interiors. But hey, we can go back and check it against the list.

(Why is it so hard for people to get the Woody Allen font right?)

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