The Woody Allen Pages Podcast returns for season 3

The Woody Allen Pages Podcast
The Woody Allen Pages Podcast
The Woody Allen Pages Podcast returns for season 3

The Woody Allen Pages podcast is back for 2023. Production had been dragging on this year, and with the announcement of a new Woody Allen film, Coup de chance, this season will be slightly different.

I’m doing the thing that some TV studios like to do and I’m going to split a season in two. I’m rolling out five new episodes of the Woody Allen Pages Podcast over the next 5 weeks. Then there will be a short break to cover the release of Allen’s new film. Then back at the end of the year for the final 6 episodes, plus a Q&A episode.

I’m doing this because these first five are finished and ready to go, and to hold the whole season back after the film release didn’t make sense. So yes, five episodes, the Woody Allen Pages podcast season 3 part 1. It will hit your feeds next week.

Thanks for everyone for being patient. Especially those who have supported me as a patron on patreon. I really appreciate your continued support.

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