Season 2 Q&A Episode

The Woody Allen Pages Podcast
The Woody Allen Pages Podcast
Season 2 Q&A Episode

Welcome to the final episode of this season of the Woody Allen Pages podcast. I’m ending with a wrap up of your thoughts and comments, and some questions, and some things about what next.

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  1. BRAVO William!!! Great job on Season 2. Looking forward to Season 3. And much kudos on your appreciation of Bob Dylan!! You have exceptional taste!!! The artistry and depth of Bob’s music and Woody’s films is timeless!!

    GO WOODY!!!
    GO BOB!!!

  2. Thanks for another wonderful season of episodes. It’s a pleasure to listen to your insights into my all-time favorite filmmaker.

  3. Everytime i watch a Woody allen film it is literally a class on how to write comedy. I have watced his films for over45 years and I can’t even name everything that I have learned.

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