Episode 23 – Interiors (1978)

The Woody Allen Pages Podcast
The Woody Allen Pages Podcast
Episode 23 - Interiors (1978)

Interiors is the 7th film written and directed by Woody Allen, first released in 1978.

Diane Keaton, Mary Beth Hurt and Kristin Griffith play three sisters who barely get along. Their parents (father Arthur played by E.G. Marshall and mother Eve, played by Geraldine Page) have recently separated, leaving the daughters to deal with their family, their partners, their ambitions and their lives.

Interiors is Woody Allen’s first serious work – a quiet drama about a family. It’s not only his first dramatic film – it’s his first dramatic ANYTHING. Years of stand up, playwriting, acting and writing comic short stories was put aside for 100 minutes. Not in a bad way- but there is nothing funny about ‘Interiors‘.

Welcome to the Woody Allen Pages podcast. This week we look at 1978’s Interiors. How it was conceived, how it was made, and how it’s so unlike any of Allen’s other work. Spoilers are everywhere so watch the film and then come back.

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  1. “The hardest thing to do, is to act properly throughout one’s whole life.”

    To me Interiors is one of Woody’s crowning achievements; a masterpiece from start to finish. I love Renata’s therapy scenes sitting in that macabre black leather chair recalling her mother’s decline. The entire cast and crew did an incredible job on this picture. The issues of plot holes and character development might’ve been alleviated if Woody had lengthened the movie to two hours, but I accept it as it is in all its splendid glory. Let’s be honest, as we journey through life who out there can’t relate to personal challenges such as dealing with an officious parent, marital strife, sibling rivalry, individual loneliness, and career frustration etc. Folks, Interiors has it all!!!

    GO WOODY!!!

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