Woody Allen’s new book, ZERO GRAVITY, is out now

Woody Allen has a new book out. It’s called Zero Gravity and is released on 7 June in the US and Italy. It is his fifth collection of humorous writings, his first since 2007’s Mere Anarchy. It follows in the footsteps of classics like Side Effects, Without Feathers and Getting Even.

Allen’s collection of humorous writings all collect pieces he has written for other publications and occasionally the odd original piece. Zero Gravity features 10 new pieces along with writings from recent years first published in various publications like The New Yorker.

Zero Gravity follows Apropos Of Nothing, Allen’s memoir that was published last year, which topped best seller lists all around the world. Allen won awards for the audiobook versions of his other writings but so far no audiobook version of Zero Gravity has been announced.

You can order the book now as a hardcover or on Kindle, from Amazon US.

No word yet on other language editions. If this follows the release pattern of Apropos Of Nothing, we should see other languages roll out in the coming months.

Some people already have the book!

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  1. Folks The Man is unstoppable. Like John Rambo in First Blood, Woody is the best of the best, trained to eat what would make a billy goat puke!!! My favorite scene in Robert Weide’s documentary on Woody is the little section at the beginning when Woody reflects back on his time at Tamiment as a fledgling comedy writer honing his craft and some of his old type written sketches are briefly displayed describing the opening scene of the various little plays they put on to entertain attendees. Hopefully one day Woody’s old sketches will be made available in a book as well. And I enjoyed Soon-Yi’s picture on the back of Zero Gravity. With that hungry look on his face, Woody is still fit as a fiddle, looking for that next opportunity, that next challenge. The Maestro just keeps going!!!

    GO WOODY!!!

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