Woody Allen is finishing post production on his new film, called Rifkin’s Festival. And we now have one more piece of the puzzle – who is supplying the music. Academy Award nominated Stéphane Wrembel is returning to work with Allen for the third time.

Wrembel announced that he was back on Facebook. According to his website, he has already recorded the soundtrack. It is not clear if it’s original music.

Wrembel is a good luck charm for Allen, having previously worked with Allen in two of his most successful recent films – Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) and Midnight In Paris (2011). His work on the latter earned him an Academy Award nomination, and he actually performed at the 2012 Academy Awards.

Wrembel’s specialty is jazz guitar with a world music style. The music worked great in Allen’s last Spanish film. It is sure to be perfect for Rifkin’s Festival setting of San Sebastián.

With the Spanish release date announced, it looks like the film is finished, or very close to. We still don’t expect to see a poster or trailers any time soon, probably not until July. In the meantime, we hope to learn a lot more about the film.

Here’s Wrembel performing his composition Bistro Fada, used as a major theme in Midnight In Paris.

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