A RAINY DAY IN NEW YORK Tops Worldwide Box Office, Passes $20m

The world is a funny place. Woody Allen, 51 years into his directing career, has achieved a new box office record, although under very strange circumstances. For the first time ever, one of his films has topped the global box office – the highest earning film on the entire planet for one week. It helps that cinemas are mostly closed around the world.

A Rainy Day In New York is the 48th film written and directed by Woody Allen and this past week it was released in South Korea. The film topped the box office in South Korea, earning $340k, and it did better than any film in anywhere around the world (which are mostly closed). It’s a victory with a massive disclaimer, but a victory all the same. It seems extremely unlikely that Allen will ever achieve this feat again.

The figures were released on Box Office Mojo.

It means that A Rainy Day In New York has now earned more than $20.9m worldwide, having been released in all major markets except the US, UK, Australia and Japan. The UK release is scheduled for 5 June, and a deal is in place to release the film in Japan. It does a lot better than Wonder Wheel (2017), which grossed $15.9 million worldwide, including being released in the four countries yet to release A Rainy Day In New York.

Here’s the UK trailer for A Rainy Day In New York.

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  1. Awesome. Another Worldwide milestone. But, anxious as I am, I have Never watched a Woody trailer before seeing the film – and who knows how long it will be before the US sees it. Anxious. Anxious.

  2. 20 million is still 20 million, regardless of closed cinemas. Splendid. Shows that Amazon shot themselves in the foot this time, ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    1. This is great news, and fun news when we all could use some. As an impatient fan in North America, I’ve ordered a region-free blu-ray from Europe. I can’t wait to see it.

  3. Bravo, Woody. Bravo, Woody Allen fans. Congratulations. I’m so happy to read this. Thanks. I went to see A Rainy Day in New York in the cinema like 6 times, to support Woody (3 in Amsterdam and 3 in Madrid). I love the film! It’s funny, poetic, and wonderful. Woody is the best. Love from Madrid! Stay safe / Antonia

  4. Great to hear of a UK release, as the Polish, German and French DVDs all have forced subtitles… for some CRAZY REASON. They are actually limiting their own international sales.

  5. Kudos to Woody! We felt fortunate to be able to obtain the DVD. Would love to have seen it in the theater but at least we got to see it.

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