APROPOS OF NOTHING: US Publisher Interview, French and Dutch Release Dates

The Woody Allen’s autobiography Apropos Of Nothing is out now in the US. We have a new interview with the publisher, and more dates announced for two key European countries.

The book has hit shops in the US through Arcade Publishing, a part of Simon & Schuster. Arcade is run by Jeanette Seaver, who has a history of defending free speech. In a new interview with Book And Film Globe, she talked about her history and how she came to publish Woody Allen’s new book.

Why did you decide to publish Woody Allen’s book?

The minute I read that Grand Central dropped the book, my flag went up. I admire Woody Allen. He’s a great artist. And I was appalled to imagine that a solid, good reputation house such as Grand Central would be dropping such an important author. I realized that Grand Central dropped the book because there were protests in front of their office. They were being intimidated…it was surprising to say the least. It was unacceptable. You have to stand for freedom of speech. 

What has the response to the book been like so far?

I haven’t checked in the past half hour, but it’s doing OK. It’s a wonderful book. All you need to do is read the book, and you’ll understand everything. He’s very humble, he’s self-deprecating. It’s very entertaining, it’s very fun to read. And then you get a sense of the famous case that he’s in. Read the book, it’s all there.

There’s more at Book And Film Globe. The whole interview is very much worth reading.

We also have new release dates for France and the Netherlands.

In France, the publisher Stock had the deal before the dickheads at Hachette decided to misplace their spines. They managed to win the rights back and will publish on 13 May 2020.

No buy links yet that we could find.

In the Netherlands, the book will be released in 7 April through Prometheus.

For the US, UK and Australia, the book is out now. Virus matters are making getting the hardcover to bookshops (that are closed) difficult and the first run sold out. The book was #4 on Barnes And Noble and #56 on Amazon. That’s a huge result and shows Allen has a huge audience in the US.

We’ll have more news on Apropos Of Nothing in the coming weeks, as its releases around the world.

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  1. MUCH THANKS to all the publishers around the globe who have the maturity, decency, and true grit to give Woody’s book a chance. The facts and the truth have always been on Woody’s side!!! Those individuals and organization who have relentlessly employed nefarious methods to dissuade the public from buying Woody’s autobiography, or enjoying any of Woody’s artistic efforts are now, and always have been, the real overzealous bullies in this whole entire ordeal.

    GO WOODY!!!

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