ANYTHING ELSE (2003) Filming Locations – Central Park, Upper East Side, New York City

Woody Allen’s films are usually tied to his beloved New York. But it’s only occasionally that he turns up the picture postcard prettiness of the city, and usually in romantic comedies. Anything Else mixes those postcard elements with a grittier side of New York as well. This isn’t a story about the glamorous types. Most notably, Allen uses several locations within Central Park.

There’s a few we don’t know. Check out the bottom of the post, where you can help us find the filming locations in New York.

Here’s the filming locations for Anything Else. Find our work in progress of all Woody Allen filming locations here.

Conservatory Water, Central Park
E 74th Street.

We first see the statue of beloved children’s author Hans Christian Anderson. Then park benches nearby which we will return to several times.

1221 Avenue Of Americas
1221 6th Ave

David and Jerry after their meeting. They walk out the 49th St side.

Stage Delicatessen
834 7th Avenue and West 53rd Street.

West 46th and 10th Avenue

The pair walk north on 10th Avenue, and turn east onto W 46th.

King Cole Bar
2 East 55th Street

Jerry meets Amanda there, presumably to go eat at this exclusive bar which is part of the St Regis Hotel.

52 East 82nd Street

Jerry’s place. We later see the location outside.

Les Pierre Antiques
269 Bleecker Street

They walk from Charles St, between Bleecker and West 4th St. They turn right onto Bleecker. Store is now closed.

Tandoor Oven
175 East 83rd St

Village Vanguard
178 7th Avenue, Greenwich Village

441 East 87th Street

Amanda’s place before she moves in with Jerry.

Rocks In Your Head
157 Prince St

Now defunct record store.

Warwick Hotel
65 W 54th Street

Pip’s Comedy Club
2005 Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

They drive along Emmons Avenue. Then later walk out into it.

Greywacke Arch
Central Park

We see this place a couple of times.

The Pond
Central Park

They are sitting on the very West Point of The Pond in Central Park, between the Pond and the statue of José Julián Martí.

Paterson Army/Navy Surplus
347 Main St, Paterson, NJ

The only address we could find for this store.

Quad Cinema
34 W 13th St

They walk west down W 13th St

St Regis Hotel
2 East 55th St

359 Columbus Avenue

We see this place a couple of times.

Gothic Bridge
Central Park

HB Studio
120 Bank Street

Eleanor’s Pier, West Road
Roosevelt Island

They are looking back over the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan.

44 23rd Avenue, Queens

The scene of the car smashing.

31st Street, Queens

David drives angry down this street.

Sant Ambroeus
1000 Madison Avenue

They then go north, then west, onto East 78th street.

50 Commerce St

West Drive, Central Park

They sit along the east side of West Drive, on the north west point of the Lake, quite near the Ladies Pavillion.

John Finley Walk

Jerry walks south along John Finley Walk, looking over East River. He’s near the intersection of 76th Street.

PS 256

The school where David teaches.

21 East 87th St

Glen Span Arch
Central Park

Unknown filming locations. Do you know them?

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