Video: 10 Things About Sweet And Lowdown

Our latest video in our 10 Things series looks at one of Allen’s more acclaimed but lesser seen works – Sweet And Lowdown. We dig into just some of the trivia around the film. Including

  1. Woody’s last big TV appearance
  2. The script’s 30 year journey
  3. Again, the Frederico Fellini influence
  4. Of course, Django Reinhardt
  5. The documentary format
  6. The real guitar player, Howard Alden
  7. Samantha Morton‘s masterful performance
  8. The cameo by a director who is a big Woody Allen fan, John Waters
  9. New, non English speaking cinematographer Zhao Fei
  10. The start of a new long collaboration with Alisa Lepselter.

This all comes from new research we did for our book The Woody Allen Watcher’s Guide – the fact filled, annotated companions to Woody Allen’s films. You can get it at Amazon or iBooks. You can find out every reference, location, music cue, production info and much, much more for 36 of Woody Allen’s films. We are working on a physical edition for Amazon as well. This is one of the best ways to support the website.

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