Woody Allen Directed Opera Gianni Schicchi With Coming To DVD/Blu-Ray


Along with 46 films, 4 book collections, 3 comedy albums and whatever else, Woody Allen has in recent years added an opera to his resumé. He was invited in 2008 to direct a production of Gianni Schicchi, an opera by Giacomo Puccini, in Spain. The production was revived in 2015 in Los Angeles, starring Placido Domingo, and that performance is now coming to DVD and Blu-Ray.


This is the first time people outside of Spain or LA has ever been able to see this production. Allen directed the production, adding his comic timing to the farcical story. It will hit UK on 10th June, US on 15th July.

Here’s the cover:


The performance (and making of) actually played on Spanish TV earlier this month. It is that broadcast that is coming to home formats. There’s a video of it, in Spanish, online. It is unclear if it is the Spanish dubbed version onsale as well. The release does come from the Spanish arm of Sony Classical.

It is unclear if it will come to any digital formats.

You can preorder the DVD (Amazon UK) or Blu-Ray (Amazon UK), or the DVD or Blu-Ray (Amazon US).

Here’s another sneak peek of the performance.

Find more information at Sony Classical Spain.

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  1. Woody does it all!!!! I’m looking forward to picking this up on bluray in the states. This is another example of what’s great about Woody. He’s multifaceted in his endeavors. He adds diversity to his skill set. He’s not afraid to take a chance every now and then and try new things. Everyone can learn from this practice. Whether it be in your own relationships with your own friends and loved ones, or your business endeavors, or your artistic endeavors with your hobbies etc., always do your best and take advantage of opportunities. It adds to your growth!!!

    GO WOODY!!!

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