2018 Film: Chalamet And Fanning In Central Park

It’s another week of production on Woody Allen’s 2018 film. Another week in New York.

Filming on 11th October took place on Bowery and E 2nd St. Elle Fanning and Timothée Chalamet were spotted. They were also spotted on Wooster St in Soho. Daily Mail had pics.

Filming on 12th October took place near Madison and 76th Street. Filming on that day also saw stars in Central Park. Fanning and Chalamet were spotted on a carriage ride. They were wearing costumes we have seen before. Again, Daily Mail had pics.

Allen has used the horse carriages in Central Park before – in Manhattan and Café Society.

An interesting photo of the production caught sight of the clapper board, which could be a clue to the title.

Is the title Dark Clouds In The Sky? We think this is unlikely – the working title for the film is WASP2017 (Woody Allen Spring Project) and is on he clapped board. We think this film may be set in one day in New York, with rain playing a big part. It could just be logging what needs to happen, post production wise.

No other cast was spotted, and it was probably a scheduled quiet few days with the Wonder Wheel premiere. Selena Gomez was actually part of a telethon in Los Angeles, and is no longer in New York. Rebecca Hall is doing press for another film.

Filming is set to continue until the end of October in New York.

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  1. Through the younger cast members of this film I hope Woody’s material is able to attract an abundance of young moviegoers. These millennial whippersnappers of today could really use the wisdom that Woody puts into each and every one of his cinematic masterpieces. I’m not saying that there isn’t artistic merit and emotional value that can be extracted from a viewing of Game of Thrones, Transformers, or The Avengers, but compared to Woody’s stuff everything else is small potatoes. Like Professor Levy reminds us at the end of Crimes and Misdemeanors, ” . . .and yet most human beings seem to have the ability to keep trying . . .so that future generations can understand more.”

    GO WOODY!!!!

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