Whatever Works Filming Locations – New York City

Whatever Works is an oddity in Allen’s career in this period. Released in 2009, it was the only exclusively New York film in a run of 11 films, when Allen was mainly shooting in Europe.

Allen returns to New York, and focus is not Allen’s usual upper, more posh addresses. He sticks to downtown, Chinatown and the surrounds, for his story of grumpy Boris. Even some of the tourist locations are focussed along the bottom of Manhattan. That said, it is still Allen and it still looks lovely.

There was shooting done at Kaufman Astoria Studios, located in Queens. Allen has used this famed studio a lot in the 80s and 90s. This is his last film to date to use the space, and we assume it was for a string of interiors.

Here’s all the filming locations for Whatever Works. As usual, some unknown locations at the end. If you know New York, please help us identify them.

Caffe Vivaldi
32 Jones St

We open on Boris and friends, sitting outside. We see it several times, including from the inside.

The Vintage Chess Shop
230 Thompson St

Boris teaches chess here. The store has since closed.

Kaufman Astoria Studios
34-12 36th St, Queens, NY

It is tough to say exactly what was filmed here. We would say the alleyway scene where Boris meets Melody, and Boris’ apartment.

General Grant National Memorial
W122nd St & Riverside Dr, New York

Commonly known as Grant’s Tomb. Boris takes Melody, and we see it from outside.

Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery
137 E Houston St, New York

Opened for over 100 years. Another stop for Boris and Melody. We later see it from the inside.

Battery Park

At the most southern most point, Boris and Melody look over at the Statue Of Liberty. Boris and Melody also sit on a bench here. Later, Melody plays with kids in Battery Gardens, a cafe in the park.

Abe Lebewohl Park
East 10th Street

Melody walks dogs along this road, and on this street. We first see her along Abe Lebewohl park. Then walking past the terraces, including number 124. She meets and later meets Perry at East 10th Street & Stuyvesant Street, in front of Abe Lebewohl Triangle.

Vesuvio Playground
Spring Street & Thompson Street

Boris teaches chess in the park, and walks along Thompson.

Webster Hall
125 East 11th Street

Perry and Melody go see a band.

Manhattan Municipal Building
1 Centre Street

Boris and Melody marry.

Chung Shing Meats Inc
19 Catherine Street

Boris walks into this butchery. He walks along Catherine St.

Nissun Seafood Wholesale
104 Madison St

Boris and Melody walk past this store, as they stroll down Madison St.

New Sam Kee Jan Inc
24 Catherine Street

Boris and Melody go shopping.

United Nations Building
405 East 42nd Street

Melody and Marietta sight seeing. They look at this building from 1st Avenue and East 43rd Street.

Times Square

Melody and Marietta go sightseeing. We also see TV footage of it.

Cafe Mogador
101 St Marks Place

Lunch, and Randy.

Madame Tussauds
423 W 42nd Street

More sightseeing.

Cinema Village
22 East 12th Street

Japanese Film Festival.

Saint Marks Church
2nd Ave and 10th Street

Melody and Marietta in the farmer’s market, which only runs occasionally. They bump into Randy.

546 Broadway

A shopping Melody and Randy.

79th Street Boat Basin
79th Street

Randy and his boat.

141 East 38th Street

We couldn’t find a listing for a gallery with that name, so it’s likely made for the film. That is the location, which we see from the outside.

Pike St & East Broadway

Boris and Melody. They walk north along Pike St, turning left (west) at East Broadway.

Cloister Cafe
238 East 9th Street

Boris and Melody break up.

Here’s some we don’t know. In fact, we have as whole page of unknown filming locations. Do you know any?

If you know any of them, please let us know. You can find more unknown locations we would love to find, or see all our Filming Location guides so far.

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