Woody Allen 2017 Film Wraps: Returns To Coney Island And Manhattan

Woody Allen’s 2017 film has wrapped. Make up artist Jerry Popolis posted the production’s end on Instagram with a photo of himself and Kate Winslet.


It follows another week of production, which seems likely to be reshoots, as the crew returned to locations. The most prominent was Coney Island, with vintage signs bringing it it back to life.

Other locations used was Great Kills Park and the St George Theatre, both on Staten Island

Also looks like Rye Playland, north of Manhattan, was also used as a location

It follows a few more sightings of Winslet in Manhattan. We finally worked out the location – it’s near Henderson House, 535 East 86th Street, and Henderson Place.

We wrapped up what we know about the 2017 film, and we didn’t learn much else plot wise. Allen and his team will head into post production, and we probably won’t find out much more about the film until next year. Seems like a long time away!

The film will likely be released in July 2017.

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