10 Things About Bullets Over Broadway – Trivia, Casting, Awards and more

Our latest video looks at one of our favourites – Bullets Over Broadway. It was a huge critical success for Allen, and audiences loved it too. It uses so many elements that Allen loves – the Jazz era, two bit gangsters, strong female leads and an underlying philosophical theme.

But how well do you know it? Our video looks at:

1. Allen’s co-writer, the last time he would use one.
2. The new film company formed around Allen
3. Allen entering the world of independent American cinema distribution
4. How Sid Caesar helped to name the film.
5. The wonderful Dianne Wiest
6. The equally wonderful Chazz Palminteri
7. A pre-Sopranos Tony Sirico
8. Bullets… at the Awards.
9. Set designer Santo Loquasto
10. The musical of the film.

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