You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger Filming Locations – London, UK

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger sees Allen return to London, and is the last of four films he made there in the second half of the 00s. London doesn’t get the postcard treatment afforded by Allen to Manhattan or Paris. Instead, he loves the streets and the shadows, the overcast skies.

Stranger features very little of London’s beauties, and the film could easily be set elsewhere. It is not necessarily a story that had to be told in London. But Allen uses many locations in this film, and it sprawls across the great city.

Here’s the filming locations used in You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger.

The Camel And The Artichoke
121 Lower Marsh, Waterloo

We open on this street in Waterloo. The taxi driving Helena comes out of Leake Street, which is not so much a street than a dead end. The magic of cinema. She enters a lane alongside a pub called The Camel And The Artichoke, on 121 Lower Marsh. This is Cristal’s flat/place of business, and we assume the interior and the exterior match.

The Chelsea Health Club & Spa

Alfie goes jogging on the raised running track that surrounds this club.

Park Lane, London

Alfie drives down this busy, famous road. He’s right at the north end, near Marble Arch. We last see him around Hyde Park Corner.

Fleet Street, London

Roy drives along this other busy, famous London road. He’s in Blackfriars, and he passes Fetter Lane, going east.

South Bank, London

Sally is skating along the South Bank of the river Thames. The IBM Building, 76 Upper Ground, Lambeth, is behind her. Nearby, she meets Roy. Later, from another angle, we see Waterloo Bridge.

St James Park, London.

Sally and Roy court.

Shroton Street, Marylebone

Sally and Jane together. They have turned in from Cosway St.

Regents Canal, Little Venice

Picturesque canals just north of Paddington Station, near the Waterside Cafe. The blue bridge behind them is Westbourne Terrace Road. Later, Roy takes Dia to the same spot.

17 Powis Terrace, Westbourne Park.

Roy And Sally’s. Although, with the windows, it doesn’t appear the interiors match the exterior. Seen a couple of times in the film, including at night.

Athenaeum Hotel, 116 Piccadilly.

Alfie goes on a date. It looks like the scene was redressed for the drinks with younger workmates.

Spa Illuminata
63 South Audley St, Mayfair

Alfie and Sally look in the window of this store as they walk.

Bentley & Skinner
55 Piccadilly

Buying jewellery with Greg and Sally.

Opera Holland Park
Stable Yard, Holland Park, Kensington

A temporary structure for the summer, where concerts are held. Later, in the south of the park, we see Sally and Janes walk through in the day, talking about their own business.

Mount Street Gardens, Mayfair

Mayfair Library on 25 South Audley Street can be seen behind them.

38 Powis Square, London

Front of Dia’s flat. We see it several times. Note, there is simply no way for her flat to be across from Roy’s.

Beach Blanket Babylon
45 Ledbury Rd, Notting Hill

Lunch with Roy and Dia.

Union Walk, Hoxton

Iris’s gallery. Exterior is Union Walk, with Waterson St behind them, beyond the overpass. We assume interiors match.

Old Vic Theatre
The Cut, Lambeth

Sally and Greg go to the opera.

94 Golbourne Road
Westbourne Park, London

Little supermarket where Roy and Dia go walking. Behind them is the famous Portobello Road, leading to Notting Hill.

Albion Riverside, Battersea

Alfie and Charmaine’s apartment. Out the window is Albert Bridge.

Harrowby Court, Marylebone

Henry’s apartment. Amazing looking location. We saw his flat earlier in the film, and we assume interiors match.

Stephen Foster Bookshop
95 Bells Road, Edgeware Road

Standing in for Jonathan’s bookshop.

9 Queen Anne’s Gardens, Turnham Green

Dia’s parents home. We assume interiors match.

Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel
27 Devonshire Terrace

Alfie’s taxi runs south down Devonshire Terrace. They later refer to it as the Hotel Lucerne, which appears to be a fake name.

Petersham Nurseries Teahouse
Petersham Rd, Richmond

Alfie and Helena meet up again.

The Prince Alfred
5A Formosa St, London W9 1EE

Roy learns a hard truth.

Cleveland Square, Paddington

Jonathan and Helena find their happiness.

Here’s a few locations we couldn’t work out.

If you know any of them, please let us know. You can find more unknown locations we would love to find, or see all our Filming Location guides so far.

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