Café Society Filming Locations – Los Angeles, New York And More

Café Society was one of Allen’s most lavish films in recent years. Not only were the costumes and sets amazing in their recreation of the 1930s, Allen also shot in two major cities – Los Angeles (for the first time since Annie Hall in 1977) and his beloved New York.

Allen and his team found wonderful locations in Los Angeles that looked like the glamorous era of the 1930s was still alive. In New York, the team changed and dressed interiors and exteriors to take us back in time. They went from the Bronx, to Brooklyn, to Manhattan, to Nyack and more. Breaking it down, it was indeed an elaborate production – far more shooting locations that most of Allen’s films in the last couple of decades.

It was a long shoot by Allen standards, with many locations we couldn’t find and many unknown interiors. There were also lots of locations where we know production took place, but we couldn’t match them with scenes in the finished film. Maybe you can help us identify them.

Here’s what we know. The filming locations for Café Society.

Dolores Del Rio mansion
757 Kingman Avenue, Santa Monica

Our opening scene took place at an Art Deco mansion once owned by film star Dolores Del Rio. It was built in 1930 and was designed by her husband Cedric Gibbons, the Art Director of MGM, one of the big film studios at the time.

Dorfman home
Riverside Drive, New York

The Dorfman house is a bit of a mystery – the exact location unknown. Filmmakers talked about a run down apartment on Riverside Drive in New York that was used for shooting, this seems to be the most likely location.

We do know that filming took place at 194 Riverside Drive, a popular filming location whose basement is used for various dens, casinos and more. But it doesn’t match the family home.

Ali Baba Hotel – exterior
1939 N Kenmore Avenue, Los Feliz, Los Angeles

The exterior of where Bobby lives when he gets to Los Angeles is the fictional Ali Baba hotel. Not a hotel, it is a private residence. Later, Vonnie picks him up and we see across the road.

The interior, however, was another location, somewhere in Forrest Hills, exact location unknown.

Evelyn and Steve’s home
58 Sickles Avenue, Nyack

We assume the interiors match the exterior locations. Also, their neighbour Joe lives next door at number 60.

Phil’s office – exterior
Hotel Constance – 928 E Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, LA

The exterior of Phil’s office, which we see Bobby walk into, it actually the Hotel Constance.

Phil’s office – interior
Brooklyn Public Library – 10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY

The interior of Phil’s office, including the secretary desks, are offices within this library.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
6925 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, LA

Bobby goes on a bit of sightseeing at this historic theatre used in many films. Bobby looks at the signatures in the concrete – there’s actually dozens of them that were digitally removed.

1 Oak Point Avenue – Bronx, NY

Ben loves burying Poole near Oak Point Avenue in the Bronx, looking out onto Riker’s Island, near where the water meets 1 Oak Point Ave. Note that the pouring concrete was CGI. They also make use of several spots in the same grounds.

The Crossroads Of The World
6671 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

Bobby makes a call from a pay phone, with the distinctive tower of The Crossroads Of The World behind him. It was the first outside mall in America, and was built in 1936 – the year our film is set. Note there’s no phone booth nearby, it was created for the production (and also its 2016).

Eddie’s Sweet Shop
105-29 Metropolitan Ave #1, Forest Hills, NY

A quick shot of Evelyn in this great vintage sweet shop. Later, the Dorfmans discuss Ben here.

919 N Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, LA

Bobby And Vonnie’s tour of film star houses are all on the same road, within minutes of each other. They start at 919, which they say belonged to Spencer Tracy (it didn’t – he lived at 1023).

1019 N Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, LA

They look across the road, but it’s not across the road at all.

This might be an elaborate in joke. This was the home of George Gershwin. But his house was demolished in 2005, amidst much protest, for this “Persian Palace”. Allen is, of course, a huge Gershwin fan, and was probably not supportive of it being knocked down for this ‘pretentious’ house. Also, Diane Keaton for many years lived two doors down at 1015.

918 N Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, LA

Then, oddly, we go to the house that is actually across from Spencer Tracy’s, which they say belonged to Joan Crawford (it didn’t – she lived at 513). This actually belonged to Jimmy Stewart.

1006 N Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, LA

The last one, which apparently belong to Robert Taylor (it didn’t – he lived at 510).

Vista Theatre
4473 Sunset Drive, LA

Bobby And Vonnie watch The Woman In Red at this great old cinema. It was built in 1923.

Mexican Restaurant
Jimmy’s No.43 – 43 E 7th Street, NY

Bobby And Vonnie’s romantic LA eatery is actually in New York, A redressed bar called Jimmy’s No. 43. The mural behind them is a fake. They visit it twice (with the same song playing twice – I Only Have Eyes For You, which is also used in The Woman In Red).

The same bar is used for the Jazz club that Bobby and Veronica go to on their first night together.

Phil’s house
2188 Ponet Drive, LA

A fantastic, Spanish flavoured palace. Interestingly, the house was sold during the film’s production to the Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick.

Private screening
W 23rd Street and 7th Avenue, NY

Exact location unknown, but this film screening scene was filmed around W 23rd Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues. It looks like a library, and the New York Public Library is on that street. But the interiors don’t seem to match.

Vonnie and Phil’s bar – exterior
La Boheme – 8400 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA

It’s the carpark round back, off the main road.

Vonnie and Phil’s bar – interior
Indochine – 430 Lafayette St, New York

Vonnie ad Phil meet in LA, but it’s actually a bar in New York. Thanks to @imTulip and @queenn94 for finding it!

Bel-Air Bay Club
16801 Pacific Coast Hwy, Pacific Palisades, CA

Hotel where Rad stays. Later, Bobby stays here as well. We only see the exterior. (Thanks to @JWalkePR)

Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn

The dead body. Night shooting took place around 1146 Myrtle Avenue, under the distinctive overpass. The backgrounds in the film were digitally added.

Later, a jazz club where Bobby takes Veronica is on this street. Exact address unknown.

215th Street and 10th Avenue

The staircase to the subway station on 215th street and 10th Avenue.

Le Tropique

Ben and Bobby’s club was purely a creation, built from scratch in a Brooklyn garage. Exact location unknown.

Malibu Beach, LA

Exact location unknown. Reports of Malibu and Hermosa Beach were both reported, although it looks nothing like Hermosa. Could be more generally in the Malibu area – there is so much beach. They go there twice.

Los Angeles Theatre
615 S Broadway, LA

Not 100% sure about this one, but we saw one person say it was this ornate theatre in downtown LA.

944 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica

They share a kiss looking over the beach at Santa Monica, across from 944 Ocean Avenue. Between Washington Ave and Idaho Ave.

United Palace
4140 Broadway, NY

Located in Harlem, this venue was completely redressed as a jazz club where Bobby asks Vonnie to move to New York.

Edison Ballroom
240 W 47th St, NY

Vonnie works here as she is confronted by both Phil and Bobby.

Vonnie’s apartment – exterior
Castle Green Apartments – 99 S. Raymond, Pasadena

It’s a brief scene, but we see Vonnie and her housemate Rosalind at their apartment. The exterior doesn’t match the interior we saw earlier.

Brooklyn Bridge, NY

A digital effects shot – a lot of the modern skyline has been removed.

Barber shop
Fellow Barber – 5 Horatio St, West Village, NY

The shooting scene happened at this great vintage barber shop.

43 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

This opulent building is the lobby of the building where Veronica lives.

City Hall

1 Centre Street and Chambers Street, Manhattan, NY

Quick shot with the family as Bobby and Veronica tie the knot.

Chinese restaurant
19B Eldridge Street, NY

Bobby takes Vonnie for some Chinese food. The outside of the street was transformed by the filmmakers but we never see it.

Church Of Notre Dame
40 Morningside Drive, NY

Bobby And Vonnie walk by this old church.

Beatrice Inn
285 W 12th Street, New York

Quick establishing shot. A bit of a celeb favourite. The interiors do not match.

Central Park, NY
Conservatory Gardens and Bow Bridge

Bobby and Veronica share a moment looking over Conservatory Gardens on the East side of Central Park, near 105th street. They look over the fountain, where these isn’t really a fence or balcony, suggesting the production created one. Maybe there was a spot back in 1937? Thanks to @AlecFPrice who identified it.

Later, Bobby and Veronica end their night in the park. Horse carriage ride. Exact location unknown.

Then they share a last kiss at Bow Bridge. Allen has used this location before – in Melinda And Melinda and Manhattan.

Sing Sing
354 Hunter St, Ossining, NY

Brief establishing shot. The interiors don’t match.

French Lessons
326 E 18th Street, Gramercy, NY

Ben’s ashes are scattered here.

Liberty island skyline

Looking from lower Manhattan. Again, a digital effect, with much of the modern skyline removed.

Phil and Vonnie’s New Year’s Party
627 West End Avenue, NY

We last see Vonnie and Phil at a party at this posh townhouse.

Here are the locations where filming took place that we couldn’t match to the film (and filming dates if we have them).

  • Inwood 212th street, 207th street – 3/10 and 10/10
  • E 12th and University Place – unknown
  • W 18th -20th 7th Ave 19/10
  • 5th ave 102nd Street
  • Canal street
  • West 23rd and 8th Street 5/10 and 18/10
  • Broadway and 89th
  • Forest Park, Woodhaven 17/10
  • East 4th Lafayette Great Jones Bowery 20/09
  • 347 West 44th Street – 22/10. Used as a dentist office, apparently. Red vintage car out front.
  • 194 Riverside Drive

If you can help us these locations, or other locations in Allen’s films, let us know! A running list of locations we need are on our Unknown Locations page.

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  1. Thanks to the Woody Allen Pages for this exceptional post. I believe Orson Welles dated Delores Del Rio for a period of time. That mansion was probably one of his old haunts. I can imagine, at that very house, Orson eating plenty of great meals, drinking plenty of great wine, and most importantly, spending plenty of “quality time” with Delores. Being the “Latin Seductress,” not only did she introduce Orson to “The Joy of Sex,” but she probably introduced him to “The Joy of Guacamole” as well. I imagine Orson, channeling Charles Foster Kane, walking around the house in his typical uproarious manner proclaiming, “Pass the chips!” . . . . and “Pass the rosebud!” Orson, the old rascal, was certainly a lucky man!!!

    GO WOODY!!!!

  2. Can identify the Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades, CA on two images. I am writing a book on the Club and looking for photos. Do you have access to these images? your tweet – Rad Hotel in LA. Please let me know if you have pics.

  3. In the scene of Conservatory Gardens and Bow Bridge, there’s a real fence close to the Central Park Conservatory Fountain. The location of the scene with Bobby and Veronica is: 40.793980, -73.953135

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