The Woody Allen Watcher’s Guide Volume 3 1985-1989 Out Now


The third in our book series is out now. It continues the most comprehensive film guides ever available on Woody Allen films – breaking down all the trivia, references, music, locations, cast and much more, for every film. The latest guide – Volume 3 – covers 1985 to 1989. The films are:

This is a particular strong period for Allen – it has two of his hugely regarded classics (Hannah… and Crimes…) and two very much fan favourites (Purple… and Radio Days). September and Another Woman are two early dramas that might not be amongst Allen’s most loved works, but have fascinating stories.

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These books are a labor of love. They cost far less than a beer, and it helps us. And please leave us a rating or review at Amazon or iTunes. It’s a great no-cost way for you to support the site.

Over the next few weeks we will be updating our film guides for these films with just some of the new research we’ve put together. We will also be making video essays covering some of the lesser known trivia around each film.

Fun things you’ll discover
– the role the studio wanted Allen to play in The Purple Rose of Cairo
– The restaurant where the sisters argue in Hannah And Her Sisters
– All 43 songs used in Radio Days, less then half of which are on the soundtrack
– The troubled making and recasting of September
– The troubled making and recasting of Another Woman
– The many alternative titles for Crimes And Misdemeanors and the TV show that stole its original title.
– Much, much more.

Don’t forget the other volumes of our book series, covering Allen’s first 12 films. And we have something a little different planned for our next book, which will be out early next year (at the rate we’re going).

Here’s the videos we’ve made for the previous volumes.

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